Happily Ever After

When I wrote ‘Happily Ever After,’ a memoir about my experiences of pregnancy, birth and of course the subsequent diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome, it started out as a huge rant that no one, myself included, would want to read.
So I started again, because I wanted to put it into words, and I did find it cathartic to do but part of me felt that it was the most important thing I would ever write even if no one else read it. Because it’s about Xavier, largely, and therefore it was essential that I did credit to him, to us and our life together.

I hope I achieved this but I felt that Happily Ever After is our starting point for what will follow and that means this blog too, of course. When after finishing the book and putting it on Amazon someone suggested I make a BVT, I had no idea what that was. Turns out that in this day and age with Youtube and all sorts of modern technical stuff that I am totally inept with, writers can make a short video to put on the internet to advertise their books.
Intrigued we decided to give it a try. And the result is here for you to see….

I won’t be winning any Oscars. I stood in a beautiful seaside area called Combe Martin in North Devon, in the pouring rain. I was wearing a wholly inappropriate dress, heels and my make-up ran down my face as my hair stuck to my head and turned frizzy. It didn’t take as long as I thought but it took longer than was healthy given the weather conditions. And by the end of the day, when the filmed the interviews with me (which you can also see), I was exhausted and struggled to make sense.

But at least I feel that we have moved slightly into the right century. I’m digital, I’m on Youtube and I ‘do’ twitter (badly). Get me.