Happily Ever After

winning_hands_downBecause motherhood is a giant leap of faith. Life for Faith Bleasdale has always been a bit of a battle between fantasy and reality, but as a novelist she believes that that was the way it should be. But as reality thrusts her toward a new journey into motherhood her fantasies seem to get pushed further away. As life throws the unexpected and the unwanted at her, the battle intensifies, and she is feels tested to her limits. She soon learns that being a parent isn’t a fantasy although you never stop dreaming for your child. Faith’s journey from pregnancy through to the first year of her child’s life is anything but easy; however she learns, as she comes to terms first with motherhood, then with being a single mother, and then with having a child with Down’s Syndrome that her reality is more important and better than any fantasy. Therefore she embarks on her most important search for her and her child’s ‘Happily Ever After’, discovering that the reality of being a parent is the best fantasy ever.

 The Love Resort


Sun, sea, secrets and scandal. Famous novelist, Anne-Marie Langdale thought that living at the couples-only Caribbean resort she created would inspire her, but instead the queen of romance seems to have writers block. Convinced that attracting gorgeous young guests like the heroes and heroines in her books will kick-start her creative juices, Anne-Marie runs a competition: three head-over-heels couples will win an all-inclusive fortnight in The Love Resort.

As the beautiful competition winners arrive, so to do Hollywood’s hottest newly-weds, looking for a honeymoon hideaway from the world’s press. With such romance in the air, and all this publicity, Anne-Marie’s next novel looks set to be a huge bestseller. Except that none of the guests are quite what they seem. There is trouble as the cocktails are poured and the truth starts to emerge.


 Agent Provocateur


Grace and Betty were never going to be the best of friends. Grace is a honey trapper, hired to tempt unfaithful men, while Betty is a magazine journalist with a brief to write a profile of Grace’s career. Each has a moral outlook that places them world’s apart and -inevitably-fireworks explode when Betty first interviews Grace.

But face plays its hand as the two women are manipulated into betting that Grace can’t trap Betty’s perfect husband, Johnny. While the roulette wheel of their lives spins ever faster, Grace, Betty and Johnny are caught up in a battle over the nature of love. But can there ever be a winner? And if so, who will it be?


 Deranged Marriage


Would you ever consider a marriage pact?

Holly did. In a heartbroken and drunken haze, it seemed to make perfect sense. George was her best friend, would always be her best friend and, if they both found themselves single at the age of thirty, well whey not?

But when a decade later a man Holly hasn’t seen for years says she’s signed a contract and has to marry him, she realises exactly why not. Forget the fact her career is going places, forget that she’s head-over-heels in love with a gorgeous boyfriend, George wants the pact fulfilled and will stop at nothing to get his way. Can ‘I do’ become ‘I don’t?’ Or will it all end horribly ever after?




Once upon a time there were three besuited business babes. One lacked a personality, one lacked a heart and the other was addicted to cocaine and sex. There was no way they could ever be friends. But Black Thursday stamps its fist in the city back they all work for and Ella, Virginia and Clara are unjustly sacked. With no lycra clad super-heros to save them, the girls are forced to join together… and seek revenge.

As their plotting takes shape, secrets emerge; and as our reluctant heroines are forced to confront their pasts they begin to acknowledge that maybe – however unlikely it seems – they actually like each other. No Pinstriped evil-doer is safe from the avenging angels in Faith Bleasdale’s funny, touching second novel; a tale of unlikely friendship and ruthless revenge in the heart of the city.


Peep Show


Tanya, a wannabe producer with BIG dreams; Harvey an LA film guru with a BIG idea; some slightly odd flatmates in a BIG house; and the LITTLE secret that’s about to turn their lives upside down.

Harvey arrives in London and meets Tanya who is desperately searching for her first big break. Ambition meets avarice and somehow a film is born staring Tanya and her unsuspecting housemates. Three boys and two girls are thrown together with their many and various hang-ups still fully intact as the ultimate peep show begins. But action is slow and Tanya is desperate… so she decides to turn their lives into one hell of a performance. And you just can’t help but watch.


 Rubber Gloves or Jimmy Choos


Ruth’s daydreams of merrily shackling herself to the kitchen sink in the name of marital bliss are shattered. Her boyfriend dumps her on graduation day with a ticket to the world and a new future in his pocket. As if it wasn’t tough enough living happily ever after in the world outside the student bar.

Turning to friends, all equally baffled with the what-next syndrome, Ruth sets out on a mission to snare herself a suitable husband – inevitably sleeping herself into a disaster zone. Together, the graduates chart a path of self discovery and destruction through the suited and booted high and low life of London town. With hilarious consequences, terrible sex and a stare in the face of reality, they all work it out with the most unlikely conclusions.